Asic For Ethereum


And another factor I read is that will switch to PoS “soon”. And once they do that switch, an device specifically would be unusable.

First miners are now available. Up to 200 MH/s !!!! Here the specs: Model: LightMiner Z01 Weight: 168g Dimensions: 100mm(W) x 35mm(L) x 45mm(H)…

Okay so I have read about ‘s resistance… it’s designed to be profitable with GPU’s and they dont want to “destroy” that like it happened with bitcoin and scrypt miners.


Счастлив сообщить о начале производства 120 мх потребляемая мощность 1500 Вт, шесть вентиляторов, размер шасси 460 * 450 * 320мм, вес всег…

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