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User oriented, real-time metrics on , wait times, and miner policies on the netowrk.

At the time of writing before the launch of Frontier it is fixed to 10 Ξ 50, $ 17740 The is divided into 0 ether/; The NZ Dollar is divided into 100 cents for the currency pair of ETH/NZD.

First check current here: Which is 18 gwei now. Than use this table to check how much ETH is… by gkucmierz.

Operations in cost _ * _used, but what does this translate to in both ether and dollars? I’ve compiled a spreadsheet of some example operations and associated costs at the current median (28 Gwei) and current USD/ETH exchange rate ($295/ETH).

(in ether) of one unit of specified in the transaction.

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