Ethereum Node Needs To Sync


It’s taking far too long for . I’ve been running my computer for at least half a day, internet speed is definitely not the issue.

I got stuck on ” , please wait”. I have waited for 2 hours and it does not seem to move forward. Any ideas, please?

type: -Wallet.exe OS: windows Network type: main/test Mist version: 0.8.0. when I start my application,It still show message: ” ,Please wait….

mist – Mist. Browse and use Ðapps on the network.

Closed 13 Jun 2017 , taking too long #2508 That made the download run faster, I assume because it was doing a –fast , . A fast download 2. However it Jul 13, 2017 4 How can I tell if my client is fast or not…

” , please wait…” is exactly what is prompt but regardless of the time I wait, it’s unable . I have the option to skip peer search and start the application but it then isn’t to my wallet, thus showing 0 Ether in my main account.

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