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The best is the efficient bitcoin . Aim for value. Bitcoin for Sale on eBay or Amazon.

Bitmain has lowered the price of the Antminer D3 . But is the Antminer D3 still in late October 2017 and beyond?

You probably already heard about the Baikal Mini before. It is a compact that is meant to work with X11, X13, X14, X15

usb are pretty useless, buy at least S5 it will be a few months.maybe. How about if my current rate is 0.238$ then how is s5? it will be in my electrycity current rate?

stands for , which means a chip which has been designed to do one specific thing only – and is therefore faster or efficient at doing it.

Current Dash are useless due to companies like Bitmain releasing tons of them and ruining the difficulty to the point where they are making a few dollars per day. The Litecoin is the Antminer L3+ produced by Bitmain.

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