No Ethereum Node Binary Found


It them again but no longer syncs. If I try to boot up Mist Wallet by itself I still get the message. Got quite a few Ether I am unable to access.

hey, my name is alexander skoulos and i have some problems with the wallet. i have downloaded the latest version and i see on the wallet . What should i do?

hi, i am new to this and have 32bit operating system win 10. I have downloaded and unzip it having this error . ” !

The file .dll should be in the wallet folder. Not sure why you get that error.

all was well when i had a power cut, tried to start up the wallet after reloading windows and I get this msg. member. frozeman commented Feb 25, 2016. Please provide the log files in %APPDATA%/Roaming/Mist. .log and .log.x.

After download wallet and click -Wallet.exe, it said “ ! please start one manually.” i download wallet win32, use win7 32 bit. And i know nothing about programming so waiting long time for this type of lesson. – The ethereum node explorer

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