Where Are The Big Coins In World 2-5


-. 1: The first too high for you to reach, but you will see a three tiered area of land. At the bottom tier, you can walk to the left to find a hidden POW that will bring the down to you can reach it.

Next, the star in a place you’ll need players .One person stay in a safe place and the other has prpeller hat and gets carried by the wind.

3: This hardest to get in the game so far. Lure the boxing guy underneath the stair case, he will reveal a hidden door.

How do I get the first – in New Super Mario Bros DS?

-3 third level of in New Super Mario Bros.

How do you get the last on – on super Mario bros Nintendo ds? You’ll find the last before entering the vertical Yellow Pipe near the end of the level, the blue Boomerang Bros. on the platform sitting on some quicksand.







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