Where Are The Big Coins In World 2 Level 5


third star on level c 5 on new super Mario bros? The third star on -c located near the checkpoint flag. Before you reach the red switch, there will a wall of bricks.

During the introductory of the game, grab a certain number of , depending on you want to go. 0 or 9 brings you to Extra 1, 1-8 brings you through to that of World 1 (i.e. = World

Want to unlock 9, in Super Mario Bros. Wii? Grab all the star throughout the levels as you go through the game.

When getting a Egg (as -7), you can carry it to another .

Read this article to find out to get all the star 8.

Star of 1. Star #1 Location. I would prefer playing this with the Tanooki Mario, you will see this once you get







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