Which Altcoin To Mine


is there any website calculator wher i can ie put specs of comp and see which coin would it fastest? easiest is the lowest difficulty , but you should look for most profitable instead….

When we say “ ” we mean a way of where you constantly switch the coin you are on a daily or weekly basis, unlike Bitcoin where you would continuously the same cryptocurrency.

Hello, May i know is best in 2017? I’m having a GPU 1050 Ti. Cheers.

Deciding will be something else to bear in mind, however, some pools, such as Multipool, manage this for you and switch coins based on profitability. Installing your CPU miner.

I want to start but I don’t know how to start and was profitable . Someone suggested me ethereum as it was trusted and etc..what do you think is bet ?

Based on config below, which one do you think I should . CPU – Intel i5 760 GPU – nVidia GTS 450 RAM – 4GB 1600MHz. Thanks. P.S – I’m an absolute newbie and open to CPU .







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