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Credit Gilles Sabrie for The . The shared records of the network — of every transaction and computation it has ever performed — are known as a blockchain, just as the shared records of all Bitcoin transactions are known as a blockchain.

Credit Cole Wilson for The . A virtual gold rush is underway. Even as Bitcoin, riven by internal divisions, has struggled, a rival virtual currency — known as — has soared in value, climbing 1,000 percent over the last three months.

Credit George Etheredge for The . was introduced in 2013 by a developer named Vitalik Buterin, then 19, who had previously worked on Bitcoin. Since its official release in 2015, the network has been the target of hackers and theft.

But he also predicted, “This technology represents the future of the Internet.” Credit Yvonne Jaursch for The .

27 May 2017 Simply put, offers more than a digital currency. com | By The . 69) to its all–high of $3,704 (US$2,766. the market cap of will surpass Bitcoin’s in 2017, and The ‘ is an open-source, public…

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